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PINTAR team held a meeting with the Ministry of Health regarding preventing antibiotic resistance

On Tuesday (31/01), the PINTAR study team met with the Indonesian Ministry of Health in Jakarta. The Directorate of Pharmaceutical Management and Services, General Directorate of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices of the Republic of Indonesia, welcomed the team. This meeting aimed to present the results of PINTAR research and provide input from stakeholders regarding the role of community pharmacists in the appropriate dispensing of antibiotics to face the threat of antibiotic resistance in Indonesia.

The presentation of research results from the PINTAR team received a positive response from the Director of Pharmaceutical Management and Services and the staff, especially regarding recommendations for replicating the activity of the PINTAR intervention.

The results of the discussion include the following:

  1. The PINTAR intervention is very much in line with the existing program at the Ministry of Health, namely “Gema Cermat” through the Agent of Change (AoC) pharmacist program.
  2. PINTAR results will be included in Ministry of Health advocacy materials for province/district health offices in Indonesia
  3. PINTAR Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) media can be used as one of the materials that are disseminated through the AoC
  4. Currently, a capacity-building program for public pharmacists at the Center for Health Worker Development is underway. If possible, the Ministry of Health will approach the Center to involve PINTAR in their program.
  5. SIMONA information system provides traceable information about the pattern of antibiotic usage in the primary health centres (so-called Puskesmas)

Previously, PINTAR, in collaboration with the Semarang City District Health Office and the Semarang City Pharmacist Association, had conducted a series of intervention activities for 8 months from January to August 2022, involving 80 community pharmacies in Semarang City (out of a total of 270) to control the spread of antibiotic resistance in the population through the role of community pharmacists practice.

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