PINTAR Team raises awareness about antibiotic resistance in communities

The PINTAR team conducted a series of activities in Indonesia to raise awareness about antimicrobial resistance and the dangers of using antibiotics inappropriately.

The activities preceded the official launch of the next phase of the study and aimed to:

  1. Launch PINTAR activities in order to improve services for the rational use of antibiotics in the community
  2. Increase understanding and awareness regarding the rational use of antibiotics as an effort to control antimicrobial resistance in the community
  3. Collaborate with stakeholders as an effort to support various steps in the rational use of antibiotics in Indonesia.

The team implemented an education campaign in collaboration with the local pharmacist association of Semarang city, with 38 attendees. Close to 400 flyers and 5 posters were distributed to the public, with local media reporting on the campaign:

Research Fellow Dr Astri Ferdiana also participated in a radio broadcast programme under the topic “Strengthening regulation to control antibiotics distribution in community”:

Professor Tri Wibawa, Chief Investigator in the study, participated as a speaker in a webinar organised by alumni of University Gadjah Mada, entitled “Spread Awareness, Stop Resistance”. A news release was published about the event.

In addition, the PINTAR team produced and distributed flyers through WhatsApp groups of pharmacists as well as social media channels of the local pharmacist association of Semarang city. The materials were produced in the context of the World Antimicrobial Awareness Week and the National Health Day.

Finally, a representative from the Ministry of Health cited the results of phase 1 of the PINTAR study were cited during a webinar presentation.

Dr Astri Ferdiana already promoted the PINTAR Study as the moderator of a national webinar to commemorate World Pharmacist Day on 25 September 2021:

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